Palatyne helps you during works out

     People tends to do more physical exercise whether running on treadmill, marathon, triathlon or bicycling. It can be noticed from the numbers of running events throughout the years also the gym membership has been raising up recently. With different goals to achieve, some are hunting the medals in the competition, some are exercising for a better shape or for a healthy life. Whatever reason is, the essence of exercising is on how much calories burned per time.

Let’s get into details on how calorie burn relates with exercise.

   Our body functions as same as engine. We need to add fuel to build up energy for daily working days. When the energy runs out, the machine stop working. As same as human body, when the glycogen uses up, we could feel fatigue and finally exhaust as well as all system within our body. Therefore, if we did not get enough energy, the body may be adversely affected in the long term.

Where does the energy used in exercise came from?

    Energy comes from the food we eat which can be categorized into 3 groups: Carbohydrates or glucose, protein, and fat. However, the main source of energy the used in the body is mainly glucose which our body accumulate in a certain amount. We could feel fatigue and finally exhaust if the energy in this part is depleted. Basically, this is the reason why we have to drinks sweet flavor drink during, pre and post exercise to help prolong our exercise activities.

How do we do to exercise longer?

   There is a small tip for those who want to exercise longer; never let the source of energy ran out. Carbohydrates is definitely the key that help us prolong the energy such as whole grain rice, cereals etc. However, that food need certain time to digest which cannot be used while doing activities. That is the reason we propose Palatyne which has low glycemic index and slowly release energy to the body which helps to sustain the energy and be able to exercise longer. To this point, you may wonder how is it different with using normal sugar. The answer is energy intake from normal sugar is very short so it helps the body refresh for a short period of time while Palatyne provide longer energy which extend your exercising time to be longer. You no need to worried about the running out of energy while doing your favorite activities.

….. After all these benefits, why not switch from normal sugar to Palatyne. …..