Palatyne helps control blood sugar level

       Over the years when technology, medical knowledge or even food industry quickly developed. Food and Beverages have been introducing in a much more variety categories. With the fast developing in the industry, the patients with NCDS surprisingly risen up. Obesity, Diabetes, dyslipidemia have been found in increasing numbers. What is the action we should take to avoid these risks?

How Diabetes relates with current situation?

          Health System Research Institute surveys shows that Thai people age above 15 suffers from diabetes around 4.2 million which consider 8.3%. It was found that 43.1% of people with diabetic was never aware of it. From the worldwide survey in 2017, more than 422 million around the world were suffer from diabetic and leads to death. The number is terribly high and tends to risen up continuously

What can we do to avoid them? What should we do if we are one of them?

     To live a healthy life or live in healthy way with diabetes is not that complex, we just need to learn the key to stay with it. The core method is to avoid the blood sugar spike and maintain it properly. If we are able to control them, we probably lower the risk and avoid the possibility of complication diseases.
     There are 3 main steps to control the blood sugar level in diabetes:

  1. Frequently exercise improves the overall system to work properly and more effectively.
  2. Consume the vegetable and fruit that is not too sweet, eat more green vegetable.
  3. Eat the good and slow release carbohydrate i.e. Low Glycemic Index Carbohydrate.

What is Low Glycemic Index carbohydrate and how does it work?

        At present Palatyne? (Isomaltulose) has been introducing as a natural and low GI carbohydrates. You might wonder how the low GI helps maintain the blood glucose level The Glycemic Index (GI) is a relative ranking of carbohydrate in foods according to how they affect blood glucose level. When consume High GI Carbohydrate, the blood glucose level will increase quicker whereas consume low GI carbohydrates help you avoid blood sugar spike and safer for those who are sensitive to sugar consumption.

How can Palatyne help people avoid diabetic or how people with diabetic benefit from Palatyne?

      Let’s make it clearer on the Palatyne? itself. As it is categorized in the low glycemic, it slowly rises the blood glucose level and prolong. You will not have to worried when consuming palatyne comparing to sucrose or other carbohydrates. In medical aspects, Palatyne? also helps to enhance GLP-1 hormones secretion which allow the the body to produce 2 times more than normal sugar and other sweeteners.
     This is approved by clinical research and it gives you no worry to start using Palatyne?

……Is it better to choose Healthier Life, Healthier Choice with Palatyne?…….