The intestinal system works efficiently

Fruit and vegetable have been believed to eat for every human. Nowadays, the lifestyle has changed to be more hastening. It found that population from all over the world is consuming less vegetables and fruits than the amount the World health organization recommend, resulting in insufficient dietary intake. This small problem may lead to more increase risk of the chronic non-contagious disease. How can we increase dietary fiber in this ‘so hurry’ lifestyle.

Vegetable, fruit and dietary fiber

Many people understand that vegetable, fruit and dietary fiber might have been classified as the same thing. Actually, fiber is only the small components of vegetables and fruit. This means consuming 100 grams of vegetables and fruit does not mean you get 100 gram of fiber or 200 gram of berries gives only 8 grams of fiber. According to WHO (world health organization recommendation, we need to consume 30 grams of dietary fiber daily which equivalent to 1 Kilograms of Salad

What is so important to consume enough fiber ?

The very first thing come out to your mind is definitely why we have to eat that much 30 grams per day. The truth is this fiber directly helps you a lot in recovering apart from our excretory system. Referring to various studies, consuming at least the 25 grams per day helps lower the risks of coronary heart diseases or any other non-contagious diseases such as Diabetes and Atherosclerosis etc. Moreover, these fibers will become a food of a beneficial bacteria in the intestinal intestine which resulting in healthy gut and good digestive systems.

How to make sure we eat enough fiber in this ‘so hurry’ lifestyle?

Even we learn all the benefits as stated, we still face some excuses such as not enough time, not eat vegetable etc. We would like to recommend Oligolite Biosyrup which is the source of dietary fiber the is good to your body and benefit to your gut. By replacing the normal syrup with this water-soluble fiber Fructo-Oligosaccharide to 8000 mg/ tablespoon and put it in your favorite dishes and beverage. This is equivalent to 2 big bowl of salad and or 1 big bowl of berries. Also, this gives 50% less calorie than the normal syrup.

That is why there is no reason you not try this healthy syrup that is so practical and sweet.