Suitable for weight control

     Beauty is the thing all ages and genders desires. And mostly we focus on good shape to enhance the self-confidence. Nowadays, people tends to focus on the eating behavior and what helps them burn out calories.

What is the trick to good shape?

     อAs mentioned above, good shape requires good eating behavior and also the perfect exercising such as Jogging, brisk walking and biking. All of these has to be done more than 30 minutes as it will cause our body to start burning fat. We recommend using Palatyne for a more effective exercise. Palatyne provides continuous long-lasting energy for better exercise and slower tiredness. It allows the body to bring out more 20% of fat burning comparing to normal sugar. Lastly, the sweet taste from Palatyne also helps make you feel more refreshing and more energetic.

How to use Palatyne to bring out those benefit?

     The way to using Palatyne in your daily routine is very easy. You simply topping it on your favorite dishes and favorite desserts or you can eat them before exercise. Palatyne (Palatyne Sweet) are 2 times sweeter than normal sugar which make you consume less sugar, get half calorie and get the same level of sweetness. To make it more easier, we recommend to put….. teaspoon of Palatyne to your drinks and try sipping it throughout your exercise period.

Why do we still need calorie? Why not using zero calorie artificial sweetener instead?

     The simple answer is your body still need the calorie, and the calorie from Palatyne will be gradually taken out to fit in your routine activities. Therefore, it helps the body not to accumulate the fat and cause Obesity.

……..  And this is simply what you call healthy calorie. ……..